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After having worked in the Material Handling industry since 1976 and witnessing the high cost of labor and parts that was forced upon his customers, Al Lauria decided in 1993 to venture out and form his own company. With the loyalty of his customers, his company grew and he engaged the help of his long time friend and fellow technician, Wayne Grassinger. They have been business partners for more than 20 years and have maintained a strong bond that has kept our company healthy and growing.


Our Vision.


We will work relentlessly to give our customers the best possible service to promote quality and value within the Material Handling industry so that our existing and new customers call us for years to come. 

Company Profile.


Alternative Lift Systems Inc.

570 E. LaCadena Dr. Ste 2A

Riverside, CA  92507

TEL 951-674-1810

Fax 951-245-3850


Al Lauria  951-326-4497

Vice President

Wayne Grassinger 951-326-4498


Theresa Lauria 951-674-1810

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